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ChekOne Device Troubleshoot

Known Issues


Cause of Problem


Device is stuck at 1 bar on boot screen

1) Battery was removed and re-inserted without allowing the device to discharge correctly.
2) Modem has failed or requires reset

Remove battery for 15 seconds and then re-insert into device.

If the problem persists, an RMA will be required.

Device does not read barcode

1) Scan lens is dirty or scratched
2) Scan engine module has failed or requires reset.

Clean the lens and make sure it does not have any scratches. If it does has scratches you can order a new one by emailing

If the problem persists, an RMA will be required.


Device Tips

When rebooting the device, ensure that you wait more than 15 seconds before inserting the battery back into the device.

Device Tips

Always use a micro USB wall charger to charge your ChekOne.

Device Tips

Always charge device when not in use.