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Landscape service crews that travel to customer locations performing various tasks and job time costing.


Keeping track of time and attendance for multiple workers using specific equipment for each task is difficult to manage and makes billing the customer challenging.


The team mode solution allows the supervisor to check in each worker on a task and select the equipment being used, area of service and task. When the worker is completed the supervisor checks them out of the system or can assign them to a new task/equipment or location is an instant.


Since the information is created by the supervisor as each task is happening the supervisor does not have to worry about recording everyone's time individually. This allows the job costing, payroll time, equipment assignment, and missed task alerts to be created easily and accurate from the time recorded in the system. No more errors or lost time from tedious data entry.

Create a route with required tasks for each location and schedule it. Reduce missed tasks and customer complaints.
Include the inspection App to team tracking to verify equipment is safe.