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Janitorial & Sanitation


The problem is meeting service level expectations and commitments to retain clients .


Effective management requires that all tasks are completed to specification and on schedule; often the client will complain when cleaners miss tasks on their rounds.

Supervisors need alerts and notification as tasks are completed to know what has not been
completed in time to correct it. This is critical to retain clients and reduce time tracking complaints.


Cleaners are provided a ChekOne device or App. A cleaner scans into an area to provide cleaning services. He/she are presented a list of tasks to be completed for the area on the display. They simply check off the services completed, data is transmitted in real-time. Missed tasks are sent as alerts by email to supervisors.


Supervisors can immediately do quality control cheques and ensure missed tasks are addressed at the time of service knowing when they start and finish.

Cleaners can be sent email or text time reports for payroll verification. 
Clients can be automatically sent reports that have been verified by supervisors.
Cleaners can be sent missed task alerts by text or email.