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Building Services


A snow plowing company is on call 24/7 to ensure properties are clear of snow and ice for safety. Having shifts that are based on the weather can make time and attendance difficult to manage. The location or team members and their progress is fundamental to coordinators to meet service levels.


During the winter months, the flurry of intense weather can compromise the quality and accuracy of time
sheets. Billing disputes from missed, inaccurate and lost records are commonplace.


The ChekOne solution creates electronic records that are available to respond to customer service challenges verified by GPS and NFC tags or barcode, photos and notes . As employees use the system and scan into jobs and tasks, the supervisor is able to see when the jobs started, ended and the duration of time. Missed task alerts provide supervisors the ability to respond immediately to issues


Since time and attendance is all kept in the software, there is no need for filing or organization of employee time sheets because ChekOne does that for you. With detailed information and reports readily available, customer complaints are reduced. Employee and contractor time is simple as it is generated off the scans that the worker made.

Seasonal rentals and plans are available. Include all team members in one system, contractors, sidewalk crews and equipment.